The Bilderberg Conference


Once a year in Europe, approximately 140 individuals from the upper echelons of society throughout the European union and North America gather at a new venue within Europe for what is known by most as the Bilderberg Conference (other terms for the conference are the Bilderberg Club and the Bilderberg Meetings).

Attendees include, but are not limited to political leaders, professionals from academia, the media, and financial sectors. Political leaders make up the largest group, usually making up around a third of the participants.

The 2013 Bilderberg Conference was held from June 6-9 at the Grove Hotel in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. The UK had taken an unintended spell as hosts of the country as it was the first time the conference crossed back over the English Channel since 1998.

Over the years the Bilderberg Conference has been the focus of condemnation from other high profile individuals due to the exclusivity and confidentiality surrounding the business exhibition (or lack of any kind of exhibiting what so ever) The 2013 conference was no exception.

The delegates attending can only do so with a formal invite. No delegates are permitted to join by conference call or satellite phone, and no performances or entertainment are included. As a result, there is almost no transparency and therefore no accountability.

From the gates of the 2013 conference, Labour parliament member Michael Meacher shared his views that this should be the only the standout event which requires transparency and accountability for the democratic societies these people are supposed to represent. He likened the conference to a meeting of top brass Western financial capitalists.

Mockeries of the conference are a custom each year, with activists putting on the annual “Bilderberg Fringe Festival” to invoke a element of society to the frowned upon excuse for political lobbying.

It looks like the conference will continue to raise eyebrows as UK Prime Minister David illegally attended on the 7th as he was not accompanied by civil servants, as required by law when meeting business leaders.

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