UK’s Biggest YouTube Convention


On the 8th of August 2014 the annual Summer in the City YouTube convention was held at Alexandra Palace in north London. Each year tickets sell-out at a rate unheard, leaving avid YouTubers devastated that they would be missing out on the King of Kings in terms of YouTube exhibitions.

Many of the attendees would be regarded as young to most of us. Not only are they young, they are predominantly those termed “YouTube Bloggers” who have millions of followers and views to the pieces of footage they are constantly uploading to rake in millions of dollars from advertising on the aforementioned footage.

Although some of these bloggers got rich over night due to pure luck, the majority are highly proficient at their profession – ranging from tutorials, short films, to continuous series. Although such lucrative professions, walking around Summer in the City, it was very obvious that these entrepreneurs consider their vocation as a unique hobby, expelling smiles from ear to ear for the success they have all achieved – a fantastic site.

The event began in 2007 when a mere 20 YouTubers were drawn for an informal meeting in the centre of London. The following year, a substantial increase in numbers was apparent, providing incentive for founder and YouTuber “Burns” to create an official event attracting only 100 people, yet the attendees were representing countries from all over the globe.

Burns was content with the small scale event that followed the next year, however in 2011, a celebrity YouTuber was mobbed by over 600 of his fans, prompting a more secure establishment up until the recent 2014 event.

7000 tickets were sold on the weekend – one can’t help but think that this event could be the next biggest trade-show or fair, possibly having economic effects on society as it draws fans from afar to witness and indulge in the Fantastic City of London, England.

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