How to start a digital magazine business.

In the digital age, magazine publishers are realising that digital editions of their magazines are the way forward.  For those wanting to launch a new magazine it makes financial sense to go straight to digital as there are low production costs and you are able to reach out to a worldwide audience with no distribution costs.

Before starting your new digital magazine there are some questions you need to ask yourself – what will it be about? who are you aiming it at? does it have a unique selling point? what is your competition? is there a market for it? Research is crucial!

You must also be excited about your product, if you have a passion for it that will shine through and help to not only create a great magazine but will also sell it to your readers and your advertisers.  And whilst we are on the subject of advertisers, this will be your main method of financing your product. Digital magazines make money from the advertisements that are published on their pages and the more people you can attract to your website the happier your advertisers will be.

App Publisher magazine,, was launched in January this year to help publishers create new content onto mobiles and apps.

APP-PUB4-cover-ipad-fixedPublished and edited by Paul Blake who has over 25 years experience of writing within the digital publishing business, App Publisher magazine is published monthly through Apple newsstand.

“In many respects, App Publisher magazine is an experiment,” said Paul Blake. “The premise behind it is simple. Not only to provide practical help, insight and advice on publishing content onto mobile and apps, but also to test the business viability of mobile content. Can you really write about a topic you’re passionate about and create a viable business by publishing that to tablets or smartphones? What technology do you need? How do you price your content? How do you find your audience? I hope the mechanics of publishing App Publisher magazine will provide useful insight and I want to be open and share as much about that as I can.”

The first issue cost $300 to set up, with a third of that cost, $99, going towards payment of an Apple developer account Apple take 30% of the profits but because there are such low production costs this does not prove too much of a problem.

App Publisher magazine is available for download on Ipad or Iphone and costs $1.99 every month and comes with a free one week trial when you sign up to a subscription. Android, web and Kindle editions will be coming soon.

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