Unusual Magazine Titles

There are over 8,000 magazine titles published in the UK and more than 75,000 in the US each year. But the ones we see on our newsstands each day are merely a fraction of the titles out there. We are all familiar with such infamous titles as Vogue and Esquire, however there are some titles that hold a much more niche market, which most of us would be completely unaware of.

cranes-today-independent-magazine-crane-industry-4Some might argue that some of the titles don’t exactly sound exciting, but for the industry sector they are aimed at, they contain key information and provide a service that is invaluable.

Take, for example, Cranes Today. Not exactly top on everybody’s reading list, however it is the leading resource for news and intelligence within the crane and lifting industries and regularly carries features on new cranes, prototypes and product launches. It offers a key platform for crane and lifting equipment manufacturers as well as rental companies to reach their purchasers and enables its readers to see how new technology can help grow their business.

June-July_2014_emag_webcoverMany of these unusual titles are aimed at the business sector, one of which is the logistics and materials handling field. There are three main titles that cover this sector, Modern Materials Handling, eureka, Logistic Business Magazine and Materials Handling World Magazine (MHW) proving that perhaps their readership isn’t quite so niche after all. MHW magazine claims to have over 8,000 daily visitors to their website and offers readers the opportunity to subscribe to their E-zine as well as providing a buy and sell page for used forklifts, an extensive directory of businesses associated with the trade and hosts regular award ceremonies and conferences. The most recent one was in August this year and featured case histories from leading companies such as Interfit, Europe’s leading tire and wheel service provider, who have driven change in the industry. eureka magazine is published three times a year and has a select distribution list amongst key people within the buying/specifying of materials handling equipment and services sector. The magazine features in-depth case studies on the materials handling industry, forklifts and other materials handling equipment across Europe as well as articles written by journalist with extensive expertise in the areas of safety and ergonomics, warehousing, logistics and supply chain innovations.

downloadFor the portable toilet provider, why not subscribe to Portable Restroom operator (PRO) magazine? With such page turning headlines as ‘Making Porta-potties more Appealing To The Public’ it’s hard to resist.

There really is a magazine out there for everybody; you just need to know where to look for it. Many of the more niche titles will only be available as digital versions as the publishers are likely to be small and will need to keep costs down. I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a magazine covering every subject you can possibly think of, and if not, well there might just be a gap in the market for you to consider starting your own.

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