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  • 8 Aug
    Why Some Enjoy Physical Prints


    The publishing industry now also operates over the internet. Now you can see many publishing packages over the internet in many different categories, mostly in digital printing. And although it might seem like the traditional ways of publishing services have slowed, they are quite in operation still.

    Many a few prefer physical books, newspapers and magazines. When you go around asking people why they do so, here are a few answers that you will get:

    “I like the smell of paper.”

    “I have always liked books and magazines as they are, something I can tangibly turn its pages over.”

    “I can’t feel an electronic book. It’s like turning your imagination into digital form–like 3D and 4D.”

    E-books discourage me to read as it displays too many number of pages.”

    “I am a fan of everything portable but not portable books. I can’t read when I’m mobile. I have to read in a place that’s conducive for reading.”

    “I have plenty of magazines at home; and I like to see them when I get home. I like to see all of them there in a basket. Magazines are colorful and can be used decoratively in your house, we don’t want to hide them in our phones, do we?”

    “I have an electronic magazine. But I also have physical magazine. E-magazines sometimes take so much time to load as it depends on internet connectivity. So when I read something and I don’t want to be disrupted, I read my physical magazine.”

    “I keep my magazines right where they should be–not in my phone; I have too many important files in there.”

    “My library is my life. I have a big physical library and it inspires me to read and write. I think keeping a digital library is not that interesting.”

    “I am not too lazy to carry a book.”